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Tuesday, 04 August 2015 03:29

Novosibirsk began to build the Via Ferrata in the Altai Mountains

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Group Novosibirsk builders started to build in the mountains of the Altai Republic Chemal region via ferrata - a site equipped for lifting people poorly prepared.


As one of the organizers of the via ferrata (railway - ital.) Oleg Timchenko, construction lift except it involved three others. Construction agreed with the district administration. Works specialists began a few days ago, now in the early rock hammered metal braces that make up the ladder. Via ferrata it is equipped with a system of insurance.

"It's safe, it does not require any professional mountaineering skills. Plus, there will be some transitional bridges, suspended over ravines, crevices, "- said Oleg Timchenko. The organizer said that the via ferrata in the Altai Mountains can be built forever, but the first stage of the road is expected to launch later this year.

After the via ferrata is ready, the entrance to it is supposed to do if there is a free tourist destination suitable safety equipment, otherwise the organizers will offer rental. The construction of the participants put their personal funds, they were trying to raise money for kraudfandingovoy platform, estimated the cost of the project is 750 thousand. Rub., But the collection was unsuccessful.

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