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In the Altai region on the main roads will install special signs for tourists. It was reported today in the regional government for the development of tourism and recreation and spa facilities. "In accordance with the guidelines of Ministry of Culture of Russia on the edge of the road will place special signs for tourists. On behalf of the Governor of the issues worked out in specialized departments" - explained in management.

One of the oldest ethnic festivals in Russia, "Water of Life" will be held July 20 and 21 in the village of Kolyvan' near Novosibirsk. The program XIV festival dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Chaussy prison.

Mass descent into bathing suits that Siberians are arranged in Sheregesh, officially listed in the Guinness Book of Records. In the graph of the number of the protesters said that the record of 500 set the "trembling skiers."

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Altai should rasprobovat as a gourmet meal. "Wine" begins with the first dating and could last a lifetime without causing satiety. For someone who has visited here, the wonders of overseas lands would seem not too bright thence feelings - blunt, and tastes of the most famous national cuisine - not so tasty.

Soon tourists Reserve "Pillars" will meet environmental-educational complex

They want to build the right by the main entrance to the reserve. The city administration has announced a public hearing.


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Midsummer Night

From 6 to 7 July at the Museum-Reserve "Tomsk Pisanitsa" will be one of the most prominent folk show "Midsummer Night". The holiday will be divided into two areas: clearing parties (Museum "Tomsk Pisanitsa") and the central area of the museum-reserve.

Celebrating the clearing begin at 18:00 with a performance of more than 30 creative teams that will participate in the regional festival-competition of collectors and performers of folklore "Musical casket." Professional singing and vocal ensembles, soloists, amateur ensembles - all viewers will be able to see.

In August, in the heart of Lake Baikal - Olkhon island, cycle race will be held, with the participation of athletes from around the world. They will compete for another title in his career and for a prize of 200,000 rubles. This is learned from the chief organizer of the race Grishkevich Eugene.

Baikal Bike Trophy - is an individual stage race cross country, providing an opportunity to visit one of the most unique places in the world, Lake Baikal. This is a special format of cycling in which athletes can fight for victory, and fans enjoy the bike in complete safety and comfort. This format is able to unite the many truly passionate sport and recreational activities, and people. In the race, anyone can take part, who feels the strength to overcome his bike on the day of 29 to 93 kilometers.

Museum "Kuznetsk fortress" and the museum-reserve "Tomsk Pisanyza" came out in the second round of the competition symbols Russia.

The site of the contest "Russia 10" ( voting began in the second phase.

Residents of Russia in the first round of the competition, the multimedia project "Russia 10" selected 80 monuments of history, architecture and culture, which will continue to participate in the competition.

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In Sheregesh build ski run for beginners

In the ski resort in the Kuzbass SHeregesh for the new season are building a track for beginners and a new chairlift.

According to the Tourist Information Center "SHeregesh", from the foot of the Green Mountains in sector A (near the lower station BKD39) Mount Muztagh to the steepest part of the track "Dollar" company "Cascade-up" began the construction of a new 4-seater chairlift.

New wellness services - sleep on bees - offer tourists Altai beekeepers, the official website of the Altai Territory.

According to the website, you can try this dream will soon be in the apiary "At Turquoise Katun" in the Altai region.

"We still finish building the first house for this purpose. In a week we will offer tourists sleep on the Bees "- quoted message beekeeper Vyacheslav Kolesnikov.


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