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Podnebesnye Zubja (Kuznetsk Alatau)

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  • Podnebesnye Zubja (Kuznetsk Alatau) on the map


    One of the most picturesque places of Siberia is Podnebesnye Zubja – mountain chain on the south of Kuznetsk Alatau – is located in 60 km from the city of Mezhdurechensk.

    Kuznetsk Alatau translated from the Turkic means "parti-coloured mountains", it represents the mountain land which is located on the east and northern-east of Kemerovo Region with extension about 500 km and consisted of several different mountain chains. Kuznetsk Alatau is almost equally parted between Kemerovo Region and Khakassia. Let us review Kuznetsk Alatau as a part of Kemerovo Region. The highest mountains are located in Kuznetsk Alatau. In the triangle bordered from the south by river Tom, from the northern-east and east by its inflows Bel-su and Kazyr.


    The highest mountain alps are: The Old Fortress (2217 m), The Upper Zub (2178 m), The Big Zub (2046). The relief of Podnebesnye Zubja gives the opportunity for developing of different kinds of sport and health-improving tourism. The presence of high attitudes, glaciers and snowfields are conductive for developing of mountain tourism and the presence of karst reliefs is favor for the developing of speleotourism.

    Climate of Podnebesnye Zubja is continental. The warmest temperature is in summer, it reaches +35 - +38 and the lowest temperature is in winter and may reach up to -54. The warmest month is July (mean daily temperature in the valleys is about +20, in the mountains is from +12 to +14). The snow blanket is formed in the end of October and disappears in the middle of May. The long snowy winters are favour for ski tourism developing, making of extreme snowboarding and snowmobile tours, summer months are favor for providing tracking tours, rafting and fishing.

    In this area you may observe almost all kinds of flora. On the river valleys and the mountainsides stretches silver fir and cedar taiga. Feet of the mountains are covered with alpine and subalpine meadows and mountain tundra. Upper there are located kurumnics. Rich motley grass growing up to 2-3 meters is blooming almost from under the snow and to the snow. The fauna is manifold here: bears, elks, Siberian deers, goats, roes, musk deers, trots, gluttons, sables, foxes, Siberian weasel, ermines, squirrels, capercailye, black grouse, hazel grouses dwell.

    The mountain chain of Kuznetsk Alatau is rich by rivers and springs, sometimes there the karst lakes of glacial origin can be found. Several streams spring from the south-western mountainside of Kuznetsk Alatau, flowing together they make river Tom.

    Valleys of rivers Amzas and Alguj are the most attended places of Podnebesnye Zubja. You may visit such sights: Alguj tremolites, alp Podnebesny, waterfalls, Amzassky rocks. In the valley three tourist centres are located: "Amzassky", "Gluhariny", "Soboliny". In the valley of river Bel-su such tourist centres are located: "Podnebesny" and "Tajzhesu".

    River Kazyr is interesting mostly for sportsmen and fishermen. Kazyr is 13 km of complicated rapids and rifts. There are two tourist centres on the bank of the river Kazyr: "Kazyr" and "Chabyl-Put", which are owned by the tourist company "White Stone". Tourists usually cross the river by catamaran, the passage is provided through the river Tom where the river Kazyr head is situated.

    So you can get to another Kazyr bank.

    For tourists this area is interesting because of comfortable transport location, nearness to the sources of recreational flow, various types of landscape combination on the very small territory and integrity of nature.

    To visit this area once you will certainly fall in love with these places and wherever you will be you will always have a longing to come back to Podnebesnye Zubja: crystal-clear mountain rivers and lakes, taiga which is amazing both in every season!

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