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Mountain Zelenaya

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Green Mountain is famous by right for the best trails in Western Siberia. Compliance with international standard FIS allows holding here competitions of the highest level. Sheregesh receives stages of the Russian Championship on a regular basis. The unique climate offers unprecedented long ski season - from November to May. The abundance of snow provides possibility of skiing in magnificent virgin forest by the famous "puhlyak." However, not only extremals can enjoy the slopes. The variety of terrain and number of tracks makes Sheregesh attractive to skiers of all levels - from beginners, for which there is a great long and flat "table" at the foot of the mountain, to the experts, amateurs of hills, virgin soil and steep slopes.
Mountain Zelenaya
Maximum altitude - 1270 m
Vertical drop - 600 m
The maximum length of the track - 3000 m
Hoists - 1 double chair lift and three rope tows.
In the upper, steeper part of the slope the mountainside has two prepared tracks. The left track has a variable bias - from a gently sloping at the top, to steep in the middle and, again, more gently sloping to the bottom. The right track is equally sharp throughout. The steepness of the slope is 30-35 degrees, sometimes reaching 45 degrees. Around the middle of the slope two tracks are joined into one - a wide and flat, making it an ideal for beginners. The slope in this area makes 8-12 degrees, and one of drag lifts serving only this slope. Skiing is possible on the unprepared Zelenaya mountain slopes on both sides of the ski lifts and the slopes of nearby hills, where the delivery is carried out snowmobiles.

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