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  • Active-excursion tour "Sayan Expanses"
  • The mountain range Ergaki is located in the central part of the Western Sayans (south of Krasnoyarsk Territory). The name Ergaki in Tuvinian means “fingers” as the form of the mountains remains them.
    The extension of mountain range from west to east is about 80 km, width is about 60 km. The range Ergaki is strongly indented; there are a lot of steep mountainsides, deep river valleys and lakes. The area is mountain-taiga, in the mountains there are a lot of rivers. Relief is middle-mountain, the altitudes 1300-2100 prevail. The highest note is a top “Zvezdny” (Star), 2265 m. The mountains are of very hard rock, so the stone-falling happen rarely. 
    The weather in the area is extremely unstable, a lot of rain is falling, the rain may fall a whole week nonstop. In winter the average thickness of snow cover up reaches three meters, so you can only move on skis or snowshoes. In the winter area is avalanche!
    There is East-Siberian type of climate in Ergaki with long and severe winter with frosts and snowstorms. Snow in the mountain plains comes down only to the end of the June and in September it falls again. The Summer is cool, the average air temperature in July is +10 - +15, in winter it falls to -40.
    In 2003 the Krasnoyarsk Territory governor Alexander Khloponin announced national park Ergaki the “Gift to the Earth” – according to the project of WWF “Living Planet”. This program was created to save rare types of fauna and flora from disappearing. In Ergaki there are more than 33 types of vanishing types of flora and 22 types of birds included in the Red Book.
    Today in national park Ergaki live these types of animals: brown bear and lynx, wolverine and sable, red deer and roe deer, Siberian ibex, mink and even wild boar. Here are some rare species of animals listed in the Red Book of Russia - the musk deer, snow leopard, red wolf and the manul. In reserve there is located quite a few monuments of nature: geological cross-section of the river yelling, landscaped area, "Stone Town", "site of cedar," "Lake Oyskoe", "Maral Rock", "Pine sock," “Relic Island” and others.
    These ancient mountain beauties may enchant a human once and for all. Visit one amazing place in Ergaki next time you will want to see something else. In Ergaki there are a lot of unusual mountain lakes, waterfalls and curative springs. 
    There is a favorite place to visit of tourists in Ergaki – this is an area of the lake Svetloe (Light), tops Zvezdny (Star) and Ptitsa (Bird), the lake of Artists and Mountain Spirits, passes Molodezhny (Youth) and Parabola and also the districts of Hanging stone and Marble waterfall.
    “The Hanging stone” by the rule is mentioned to be the most interesting and attractive sight of the Ergaki. It is located on the slanting rock touching it only by small part of its surface. Outwardly stone (obviously, the weight of several tens of tons) gives the impression of instability, as if he was about to lose the delicate balance and slip into the abyss.
    They tried to push the stone into the lake – in ancient times they were the great heroes of troops of Genghis Khan, this stone symbolizes the heart of Sayan which was already badly weakened, tired of the raids and wars with the tribes of the mountains that days... However, nowadays mountain tourists are trying to push the heart of Sayan down too.
    Many thousands people came up to the stone to investigate the place of strengthening. But to all appearances it’s not yet the right time for Sayan to wake up…  
    Ptitsa is an extreme top of one of the central Sayan ranges. The silhouette of the mountain reminds the figure of the giant bird so that you don’t need big imagination to see the eagle-hen dissolving the wings by witch it, according to the legend, hides its nestlings from the evil.
    Close to Ptitsa mountain top which is located in the same mountain range is the alp Zvezdny, 2265 m above the sea level. By the appearance this alp reminds a huge sea liner.
    Another sight of Ergaki is a rock “Dragon’s tooth”. As a matter of fact, it reminds the fang of some giant beast of prey among other teeth-alps. One side of this pinnacle is a negative wall height of about 1000 m – a formidable and almost insurmountable challenge for all alpinists. 
    The Lake of Mountain Spirits and the rock Parabola
    Here in Ergaki there is a wonderful rock. By its unusual form it reminds a parabola. Its vertical sides painted by the stripes of drainage has a height about 500 m. The rock is called Brothers. Two brothers, like holding hands, forming a perfectly smooth surface sloping parabola: a massive Big Brother and the thinner Younger, slightly bent over him with his sharp like a razor comb.

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