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Shorian National Park

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You can visit this sight on tour:

  • Excursion-ethnographical tour - "The Legends of Lake Teletskoye and Mountain Shoria"
  • The Shorian National Park was organized in 1990 and is located n the south of Kemerovo Region on the territory of Tashtagol district. The territory extension from the North to the South is 110 km, from the East to West – 90 km. Administration of Shorian National Park is located in Tashtagol. Square of the park makes up 413843 ha. The park consists of 5 forestries.

    The territory description

    Nature zone: mountain taiga

    Relief: the national park territory relief presents complex, strongly partitioned by river valleys mountain side. Average height above sea level is 500-800 m, separate alps reach 1600-1800 m.

    Climate: climate is sharply-continental and inclement that is conditioned by location almost in the centre of Asia. High mountain ranges enclosing Montain Shoria from the west by Salair mountain range and from the south – by Altai mountain system and Western Sayan mountains, which make up an original climate regime. The average January temperature is -20-22, July - +17-18. In the mountains average temperatures with height fall.

    Average amount of precipitation is 900 mm, in the mountains of the windward mountainsides is up to 1500-1800 mm. The snow stays more than for a half a year from October to April. The depth of blanket of snow reaches 200-250. Prevails the southern and south-western winds.

    Reservoirs: The territory of national park is partitioned by the net of rivers and springs. The main water artery is the river Mras-Su flowing through the main park massive from the North to the South and separates its territory for about equal parts. Water regime is typical for mountain rivers. The main sources of nutrition are atmospheric precipitation and subterranean waters.

    The soils: the predominate types of soil are sod-podzol soils.

    Tourist routes of National park:

    • "Mras-Su – Ust-Kabyrza". Rafting. 110 km.
    • "Ust-Kabyrza". Rafting. 70 km.
    • "Sosnovka - Tashtagol". Combined. 40 km.
    • "Tashtagol - Kabuk". Automobile (in summertime). 90 km.


    Near the National Park there are such valuable in recreational attitude objects as the center of mountain-skiing sport – the mountain Mustag, "the Pearl of Mountain Shoria" – the mountain Kul-Taiga with the mountain lake on its alp, ethnographic museum under the open air "Tazgol", valley of the river Mras-Su, waterfalls, etc.

    On the territory of the Shorian National Park there are 25 monuments of nature located, 6 from them are available and attended:

    • Waterfall "Saga" – hydrologic monument of nature;
    • "Kizasskie" caves - geological monument of nature;
    • the cave "Nadezhda" (The Hope) – geological monument of nature;
    • "The monument to a Soldier" - geological monument of nature;
    • The rock "Singing elephant" - geological monument of nature;
    • Vaucluse "Kabuksky" – hydrological monument of nature.

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