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Scientific and Technological Museum of Academician I.P. Bardin

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  • Scientific and Technological Museum of Academician I.P. Bardin is one of the most interesting museums of Russian industrial era. Opened in 1932, in the midst of construction of the Kuznetsk Metallurgical Combine, its chief engineer, Ivan Pavlovich Bardin proposed the idea of creating of the museum. The museum became the first industrial museum created in an industrial plant of the country.

    The museum was facing the following objectives: to show the history of Kuznetsk, to transmit production and technical experience to other new building projects, to help the workers in the mastery of technique for steel making. Fixing the experience of building and introducing new technology at the combine, the museum had to become a propagandist of advanced technical ideas of the country.

    On the 20th of May 1940 the Production and Technical Museum of KMC was renamed to the Scientific and Technological Museum of KMC for great achievements in promoting advanced experience. In October 1963 in Scientific and Technological Museum the Memorial room of Academician Ivan Pavlovich Bardin was opened, exhibits for which were donated by his wife. Opening of a memorial museum was dedicated to the 80th birthday anniversary of Ivan Pavlovich.

    In 1990 in the museum the “Wall of Memory” was opened. The exhibition is devoted to the repressed Kuznetsk metallurgists. On the Memorial Day the traditional meeting with the relatives of the Kuznetsk metallurgists affected in years of repression is held.

    Scientific and Technological Museum of Academician I.P. Bardin is a rich archive with more than 70000 inventory items to date. These are historical documents, gifts to the combine, souvenirs, pictures, letters, personal belongings of people whose lives have been connected with the combine, a unique archive of photographs, negatives and video fund which depicted the most important events in the life of the combine and the city. In the current exhibition placed in 10 halls there are about 15 thousands exhibits, including such absolutely unique exhibits as ore-crashing plant. In Russia it has been preserved in a single copy, which is confirmed by the appropriate certificate.

    Work in the museum has several directions: excursion, exhibition, lecture, scientific and stock.

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