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Memorial Museum of Military and Labor Glory of Kuznetsk Metallurgists

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  • Memorial museum of military and labor glory of Kuznetsk metallurgists was officially opened on the 9th of May 1985 in memory oа the heroic contribution of the Kuznetsk Metallurgical Combine in the defeat of the German fascist troops. On the façade under high reliefs sculpted to reflect the key moments of the war the names of metallurgists killed at the war are immortalized on cast-iron slabs.

    In front of the memorial eternal flame burns, ignited by open-hearth furnace number 11, which produced the country’s first armored steel in 1941.

    There are 2500 exhibits in the exhibition halls of the museum: photographs, original documents and awards, personal items of the soldiers, military equipment, shell fragments, trophies, letters from the front, notifications and samples of military products of KMC. This is only a small part of the rich museum collections, which continues to grow.

    A special place in the museum takes the exhibition made up of 2000 photos of decedent Kuznetsk metallurgists during the Great Patriotic War whose names are immortalized on the cast-iron slabs. Photos are situated on rotating prisms and turnstiles. This place was called the “wailing wall”. Here the relatives and friends of metallurgists who didn’t return from the war come to honor their memory.

    Museum staff organizes daily excursions for visitors most of whom are schoolchildren and students. The excursions are accompanied by original audio recordings: Levitan’s voice announcing such key history events as the beginning of the war, awarding of KMC with Lenin order, the victory over the fascist Germany. This allows to be filled deeper into the spirit of wartime.

    The memorial museum is located on Victory Square, which integral part is the monument “Tank T-34”.

    T-34 tank was placed near the KMC plant management in 1973. The tank is made of armor welded by KMC during the Great Patriotic War. This machine started its military way in 1943. The crew of this tank reached Berlin. In 1972 the tank was delivered to the KMC for the construction of the monument on Victory Square. Unveiling of the monument took place on the 9th of May 1973. T-34 tank mounted on the original pedestal in the form of a few sheets of armor which is a symbol of heroism and the feat of arms of Kuznetsk metallurgists during the World War II. Also it is a reminder that Kuznetsk metal produced for peaceful purposes if necessary will turn into a dangerous weapon. Monument is included in the list of monuments which are the most important historical and cultural significance to Kuzbass.

    In the museum square a chapel of Our Lady Mother of “the Perishing” was built in 2002. It was built in the memory of the plant workers killed at work, the decedent during the war and victims of political repressions. In the chapel a variety of services are held: prayers for the health, the sick, thanksgiving, funeral for the dead.

    Memorial museum of military and labor glory of Kuznetsk metallurgists became the center of search and storage of unique documents evidencing the participation of factory workers in the World War II, the contribution of KMC in the common cause of Victory.

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