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  • Type of tour:combined, active, sightseeing
  • Region: Siberia: Mountain Shoria, Kuznetsk Basin (rivers Tom, Ters)
  • Duration: 6 days/5 nights
  • Period:from November to April
  • People in the group: min – 3
  • Age limit: in this tour tourists can participate from 15 years old (if younger – accompaniment of adults is obligatory)
  • Itinerary:Novokuznetsk (railway station/airport) – Tashtagol district, village Sheregesh (Zelenaya mountain) – Novokuznetsk – village Osinovoe pleso - Novokuznetsk


Price includes:


  • transfer from the airport/railway station
  • all tour rides accompanied by guide (in a bus or a car)
  • guide-interpreter's service
    • In Sheregesh:
    • double accommodation in the hotel;
      In Novokuznetsk:
    • single or double accommodation in the hotel;
    • excursion-entertainment program across the city;
      On fishing:
    • accommodation in wooden common houses with furnaces;
    • meals according to the program;
    • everyday baths;
    • Fishing tackle hiring: -rod for winter fishing;
    • tent, ice-bore, a chair, etc.;
  • accident insurance;


Extra price:


  • airplane/railway tickets
  • in Sheregesh: catering. Approximate price of 3 meals a day – 700 rubles a day; skiing on the mountain slopes (one climb price is about from 30 to 100 rubles depending on height and ascent conditions), services on Zelenaya mountain not included in the program;
  • On Day 6 - catering;

Tour price depends on the number of tourists in the group, euro rate and the treatment according to the program, which may be adjusted at will.


This tour is for those who want to have a complex rest from the city vanity in hospitable Siberia on its mountainsides, get acquainted with Kuznetsk land history and take part in the Siberian men fun – fishing on chebak, perch, grayling. Kemerovo Region is often called the 2nd international centre of mountain-skiing tourism in Russia and the most popular mountain-skiing centre in Montain Shoria. High level of Mountain Zelenaya (1570 m) lines in Sheregesh is appreciated by specialists of International Federation of Mountain-skiing Sport and Tourism at its true value.

Tour program:

Day 1

Arrival to Novokuznetsk (railway station/airport). Meeting with guide. Automobile transfer to Sheregesh (Zelenaya mountain). Time on the journey is about 3 hours. Accommodation in the hotel. Tobogganing. Free time.

Day 2

Tobogganing. Free time. (Duration of the rest on Mountain Zelenaya may differ according to the will of tourists). Price of one day accommodation in the hotel is from 1000 rubles per day.

Day 3

Before the afternoon – tobogganing. Automobile transfer to the village Osinovoe pleso. Accommodation in the hotel (in the village house with the family – according to the will of tourists). Baths.

Day 4

Transfer to the fishing on river Tom (Ters). Returning to the hotel (house). Baths.

Day 5

Pedestrian excursion across the village "Acquaintance with daily life of Russian village". Transfer to the fishing to the river Tom (Ters).

Day 6

Breakfast. Transfer to the fishing to the river Tom (Ters). Returning to the hotel (house). Tallage. Returning to Novokuznetsk.

Additional information on tour "Winter fun in Siberia":

Active-sightseeing combined tour "Winter fun in Siberia" (6 days/5 nights, period – from November till April) takes place on the territory of Kemerovo Region in districts of Mountain Shoria and Kuznetsk Basin. In this tour tourists can participate from 18 years old (if younger – accompany of adults is obligatory).

Kemerovo Region is located on the south-eastern of Western Siberia and is located on the equal distance from western and eastern borders of Russian Federation. Kuzbass is usually considered to be the huge coal and iron ore mining centre, place with many industrial giants, so it is mostly valued as industrial heart of Russia. And that's true, but there is another Kuzbass!

If you fly on the helicopter on serene bright day and take a look down, then as on the map there will appear plains and mountains, valleys and passes, rivers flowing with twisting lines "cutting" taiga in different directions as if they are going to come out of the banks to the valley.

Located between spurs of two great mountain lands – Altai and Sayans, Kuznetsk district is rich with its mountains. Mountain Shoria, Podnebesnye Zubja, Salair mountain range are wonderful as in winter as in summer. Here you can travel and have a rest in primeval taiga, on the rivers where the water is crystal clear, climb snowy mountain peaks, visit monuments of history and culture of our parentage.

In wintertime beginners and experienced sportsmen come here to great mountain-skiing and snowmobile lines of Kuzbass which are located on the mountainsides near cities.

There are all necessary conditions for complex rest: comfortable hotels and mini-hotels, mountain-skiing and snow-mobile lines which meet all requirements of International Federation of Mountain-skiing Sport standards, modern towing elevators, cafes and restaurants, entertainment centres and, of course, hospitable hosts.

Tashtagol district (Mountain Shoria) is located on the south of Kemerovo Region in the place where Sayan ranges meet Altai's and border with Altai Territory, Mountain Altai and Khakassiya.

Total square of the territory is 11,4 thousand square meters. Region is rich with huge supply of pure fresh water, large forests with valuable trees species, different gifts of taiga such as cedar nuts, honey, medicinal-technical raw materials, wild fowl, fish, etc. Rich and manifold flora and fauna of Mountain Shoria, its ecological prosperity attracts hundreds of tourists from all over the world.

More and more Montain Shoria presents itself as a perspective area for developing of tourism. Mountain-skiing complex Sheregesh on the Zelenaya mountain is famous not only around our country, but abroad as well. On the mountainsides of Tashtagol district there are 21 elevators with capacity more than 20 thousand people per hour. Number of tourists grows every year.

Itinerary starts in Novokuznetsk (railway station/airport).

Information about railway tickets booking:,

Information from railway station directory inquiries: +7 (3843) 74-50-08

To order tickets on train via our company there is service due cost 100 rubles per ticket. To get to Novokuznetsk by airplane you may choose air companies "Aeroflot" , S7 and others. Tel. for the details: +7 (3843) 79-09-09.


Individual tourists or a group of tourists meet at the railway station/airport in appointed time, there will be a guide with the name-board on which traditionally names of tourists and company name will be indicated. Tourists are attended to railway station 40 minutes to the train departure, to the airport – 3 hours to the departure.

Necessary things on tour:

For mountain skiing: skiing equipment (you can rent it). The cost of equipment rent is: 150 rubles per hour, 250 rubles per 2 hours, etc., also mountain skiing equipping (overalls, gloves, glasses, cap), thermal (fleece or polartec).

For the fishing part of the route: thermal underware (fleece or polartec) - down jacket, insulated pants or overalls, woolen socks, 2 pairs, free high-leg boots (chuni), a cap with earflaps, mask-balaclava, gloves (preferably knitted) + warm mittens, bathing suit (you may need it in the bath).

For hotel accommodation: clothing and shoes.

Accommodation on tour:

  • Hotel "Mustag" («Vertical», «Sporthotel») - village Sheregesh, Zelenaya mountain

    The hotel with the fireplace in the hall is located in the central part of mountain lines. Near there are sitting stations of elevator, hire points, cafes, ski-board school, children nursery "Nevalyashka" ("Cork-tumbler"). Accommodation: double and triple rooms with facilities. Food: café, tour price includes breakfast. Extra services: Russian baths, safe (at administrator's), ski-depository.

  • Hotel "Nadezhda", Novokuznetsk

    Private hotel "Nadezhda" is situated in the city core, opposite the city Administration building. At the distance 200 m there are shopping centres "Globus" and "Continent". Near there is a rest area – Boulevard of Heroes, circus, celebrations square, museum of Arts. There are double cozy rooms (kind of one-room flat with square up to 30 square meters), in the room – 2 single beds (twin room), lavatory (with shower).

  • Houses at the fishing:

    Wooden village houses with furnace heating and common bedroom. Lavatory is outdoors.

Safety and medical provision on tour:

Every vehicle is provided with medicine chest. During the period of tour every tourist is provided with accident insurance (insurance premium is 50000 rubles). Detailed information about insurance will be specified in the course of a group set. All tourists' requests will be taken into consideration. Besides there are cellular communications (such operators as MTS, Beeline, Megafon) which are working without interruption.

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