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Active-excursion tour - "The Road To The Heart Of Baikal"

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This tour takes place in regions:

On this tour you will visit:

  • Region: Siberia (Baikal)
  • Duration: 12 days, active part - 10 days
  • Extension: 1150 km (automobile), 36 km (horses), 22 km (on foot), 80 km (motor ship), 68 km (Circumbaykal Railway), 43 km (bicycle)
  • Period: from the end of June to the end of August
  • People in the group: min - 6, max - 8.
  • Number of instructors/coaches: 2-3 guides, 1 groom
  • You'll visit the following locations: city of Irkutsk, resort Knongor-Uulla, Sludyanka, Listvyanka, Khuzhir.
Price includes:
  • excursion program and transfers on tour program (all museum entrances are included);
  • DBL or TRPL accommodation;
  • FB;
  • guide-interpreter's service;
  • recreational taxes.

Tour price depends on the number of tourists in the group, euro rate and the treatment according to the program, which may be adjusted at will.Please contact us for details

The island Olkhon is one of the most attractive places for tourism on Baikal, the sacred centre of the lake, its "heart". A quantity of legends was composed about this island and who knows if the most of them are true? You should be here to breathe wonderful piny aroma, which is accompanied by the sound of Baikal waves, to see blue mountains of Primorsky ridge on the opposite shore, maybe Olkhon will reveal one of its secrets?

Our road to the heart of Baikal is not easy, but so many victories and openings it prepares for a traveler! The worthy beginning of this route will be the horse trip to the ancient Buryat land along the mountains and steppes of Khamar-Daban, where the paths of Buryat hunters had been passing for many centuries. The nature is curiously rich here: beautiful mountain ranges, snow alps of the Eastern Sayan Mountains, pure mountain rivers, in the valleys - curative springs, where the natives had been going to restore their health at all times. Then you will take an unforgettable journey to the Baikal and Pribaykalskaya taiga: on foot, by water and by excursion train through the ancient part of the famous Circumbaykal Railway (A Part Of The Transsiberian Railroad).

Special information on tour:

  • The route doesn't require special training and will be interesting as for experienced tourists as for novices, who have experience of bicycle walks;
  • Age limit - children not younger than 14 years old;
  • Everyday passages on horses and bicycle run put together 4-5 hours;
  • There may be insignificant changes on the tour program according to the objective reasons;
  • On the bicycle part of the route the group is accompanied by the automobile;
  • On the route all tourists are provided with complete set of group equipment: double or triple tents, medicine chest, campfire equipment and personal equipment: sleeping bag, tourist mat, wind-proof suit, crockery; on the bicycle part - additional equipment is: mountain bicycle, helmet, gloves, medicine chest; on the horse part - additional equipment is: weathercock;
  • You should take all tings according to the instruction for active tours, should take your own rucksack or order it in advance;
  • FB is provided, meals are cooked on the campfire by instructors.

Tour program:

Day 1

Meeting of the group in Irkutsk. Transfer Irkutsk - village Zhemchug - the Khongor-Uulla resort (automobile, 240km). The road by the beautiful streamer goes up, from the pass there the wonderful view opens on the southern extremity of Baikal. Then it goes down, gradually through the preserve Tunkin valley: from the one side the snow-covered alps of the Eastern Sayan Mountains, from the other side - mountain side of Khamar-Daban. The 1st break on the territory of resort Khongor-Uulla. Ferriferous springs of Khongor-Uulla are located in the forest mountain range in the valley of the river Khagarun. The springs' waters are used for the eye-illness treatment, upper airways-illness. Rest. Walking along the springs. Preparing to the hike.

Day 2

The beginning of the horse route. We are passing through along the canyon of the mountain river Khagarun, crossing many fords. In the valley there are 9 drinkable springs. Here you can pay tribute to local spirits as is customary of hunters and natives. Day-long passing - 8 km.

Day 3

Passing through mountain-taiga landscape till the next hunter's izba (peasant's house). The road goes on the spurs of Khangarulsky range, on all wild places, where you can often see local animals and birds. Day-long passing - 8km.

Day 4

Ascent on the sacred mountain Uran-Taphyr. Passing to the sacred place Bukhu-Shulun. Local hunters consider this place to be sacred and visit it to pray. The path leads through the mountainside. Day-long passing - 8-10km.

Day 5

Descending down from Bukhu-Shulun through the hilly area. On the horizon snow-covered alps of Sayan Mountains are well-seen. After having rest on the glade we will continue our way along the valley. Down in the valley there is a beautiful rock, which is called by natives "the citadel". And though we will never get it we will have wonderful opportunity to take photos. Returning to the Khonogor-Uulla. Transfer to the village Zhemchug (Pearl). Accommodation on the tour centre territory. Taking baths or bathing in hot mineral springs. Day-long passing - 10-12km.

Day 6

Transfer to Sludyanka. Excursion on the Circumbaykal Railway (A Part Of The Transsiberian Railroad). By the excursion train you will pass through the ancient part of Circumbaykal Railway, in 1905 it became so-called "golden buckle", which united "steel belt of Russia" - the Transsiberian railroad. Very interesting for tourists are tunnels, strong supporting walls, viaducts made of hewn stone, wooden buildings in the modernistic style of the 20th century. The road itself and the close-fitting territory consist of memorials, engineering, technical art and architecture and different memorials of nature - geology, mineralogy, zoology and biology. Arrival to the portBaikal, then transfer by cutter to the village Listvyanka. Overnight stop in the hotel or in tents.

Day 7

The pedestrian part of the route: the village Listvyanka - village Bolshye Koty. The bigger part of the route is passing along Primorsky ridge. From the up opens wonderful view on Baikal. The path goes half up, half down, sometimes close to the very shore of Baikal, sometimes it goes to the forest thicket. The route ends in the village Bolshye Koty, where in the early 20th century the gold mine was working. Now here the Institute of Baikalology and the aquarium of the Biology Institute are located. Day-long passing - 22km.

Day 8

Sea walk on the regular motor ship: Bolshye Koty - Listvyanka - Irkutsk. Arrival to Irkutsk approximately in 15:00. Transfer to the island Olkhon (automobile, 270km). Late arrival to the Olkhon. Accommodation in the tourist centre in the village Khuzhir.

Day 9

The beginning of the bicycle part of the route. Passing: village Khuzhir - tract Peschanka. The road goes not far from Baikal shore, the steppe part of the village gradually is going into the forest. The tract Peschanka is famous for its stilted trees. Day-long passing - 17km.

Day 10

The cape Khoboy - Uzury. Gradually the forest ends and the steppe landscape appears. The route goes till the northern extremity of the island - the cape Khoboy. Here there are very steep cliffy shores and from the steep you can see how the powerful waves of Baikal strike the stones. This place is considered to be sacred for ages. From here there is a wonderful view on the Great Baikal. We will continue the road along the eastern shore of Baikal till the place Uzury, where we will stay for the overnight stop near the Baikal shore. Day-long passing - 26km.

Day 11

The rest on the Baikal shore till the afternoon. Walking. Returning to the tourist centre (automobile, 44km). Holiday supper. Baths.

Day 12

Transfer to Irkutsk (automobile, 270km).

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