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Excursion-ethnographical tour "The Mysteries Of Sayan Ring"

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This tour takes place in regions:

On this tour you will visit:

Hotels on this tour:

  • The tour takes place in these regions:Krasnoyarsk region, Khakassia
  • You'll visit the following locations: Abakan, Krasnoyarsk, Minusinsk, Shushenskoye, Kyzyl, Abaza, Divnogorsk
  • Duration: 11 days/ 10 nights
  • Months: May - September
  • Bus traveling: 2400 km
  • People in a group: min - 10, max - 22
  • Age limit: over 7
  • The tour doesn't require any special physical training.
Price includes:
  • transportation (bus);
  • including group transfers airport-hotel-airport;
  • double suit accommodation in hotels;
  • camp "Snow Leopard" (with WC);
  • yurt complex (without WC);
  • meals (including mineral water, juices, coffee, tea, local drinks);
  • excursions;
  • folklore programs;
  • porter services;
  • tickets to the museums and parks;
  • guide service;
  • visa;
  • accident insurance;
  • tick-borne encephalitis insurance.
Price does not include:
  • tickets to Krasnoyarsk;
  • extra service;
  • alcohol drinks Group (not individual);
  • transfers: airport-hotel transfer bus is available from 05.40 to 08.00 a.m.;
  • hotel-airport transfer bus is available to the flights from 08.00 to 12.00 a.m.;
  • Please book flights according to this schedule.
  • Extra fee for individual transfer airport - hotel - airport is 57 Euro.
  • Accommodation in Gladenkaya "Sport hotel"**** (1 night): DBL -30 Euro, SGL - 40 Euro.

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A journey around Sayan ring. This tour embraces three Siberian regions: Krasnoyarsk TerritoryTuva andKhakassiya . Each region possesses its own peculiarities, culture and historical past. But there is one thing that unites them - the people. Open-hearted, hospitable and absolutely unselfish people. It makes no difference where they live, in a megapolis or in a Tuva steppe. Siberia receives and unites everybody, that is why different religions and ancient traditions exist in peace here. This journey around Sayan ring is a touch of the very origin.

Far, mysterious and unapproachable. Many people still think it is a snowy land with thick forests, where wild bears are the only hosts. The Siberian land is still terra incognita. But fortunately there is a journey which reveals some of the secrets of this mysterious land. It is a journey around Sayan ring. It includes three regions of SiberiaKrasnoyarsk RegionTuva republic and Khakassiya. The route goes through the world known places such as Shushenskoe village, Kyzyl, the geographical centre of Asia, the Valley of delight. All of these places are situated near The Sayan mountains, that is why the name of the tour is "The mysteries of Sayan ring". This journey around Sayan ring is a touch of the very origin.

Day 1

The city on Yenissey.

After the tourists' arrival to Krasnoyarsk the group is transferred to the city center (individual transfer**). Breakfast** in the restaurant. Accommodation in hotel**, room for a group. Meeting with a guide near the hotel Krasnoyarsk, visiting the Regional Museum. The Regional Museum is considered to be among the best historical and ethnographical museums in Siberia. It in particular will provide an excellent prelude to your travel and your first impression of the tour. After lunch the group goes to the national park Stolby**. You will have a pleasant walk in the central group of rocks with an experienced guide. The shape of each rock is so unique, that almost all rocks have their own names - Grandfather, First Pole, Pillars, Takmak, Slonic, Pervenets, Predplechye, Lion's Gate, Kapella, Manskaya Baba, Grify, Krepost etc. The tourist-excursion area of Stolby is almost 1,5 thousand hectares. With the help of an experienced guide - rock climbers you will have a walk on a tourist zone, and those who seek for adventures can try to climb up the rock. Arrival in Krasnoyarsk, dinner. In the evening there is a sightseeing including a visit to the symbol of Krasnoyarsk - the Paraskeva Pyatnitsa chapel situated on the Karaulnaya mountain. In the 17th century the Cossacks who founded the city built a watch tower on this mountain. One can enjoy a picturesque view of the city, of the river Yenisey, of the surrounding mountains and the nature reserve Stolby. 22.00 Departure to Abakan, train ¹ 658 (train tickets**)

*Accommodation in train, lunch, dinner.

** extra charge

Day 2

Siberian history

Breakfast in train**. The group is met in Abakan, the capital of Khakassia. Abakan was founded as a town Ust-Abakan, but in the XX century it became a city. There is a short sightseeing excursion around Abakan. Then the group goes to Minusinsk, an old Siberian town that was founded in 1739. During the excursion the tourists will visit the Regional Martjanov's Museum, will see the Spas Cathedral and walk around the city centre where old merchants' houses are situated. Then lunch. After the lunch the group leaves for the Gladenkaya Ski Resort, located near the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station. Accommodation, rest. Free time for walking around and visiting to the Spa-complex**.

*Accommodation is in the "Zharki"** tourist complex on Gladenkaya Ski Resort. Lunch, dinner.

** Extra charge

***Accommodation in Gladenkaya "Sport hotel"*** The complex is made in the style of a wooden chalet. It has 4 floors built in the shape of a shamrock. Choosing this hotel you get an opportunity to enjoy comfortable rest. The hotel has a swimming pool, a sauna, a restaurant, children playgrounds and other facilities**.

Day 3

The Sayan mountains

Breakfast. The excursion to the ethnographical museum "Shushenskoe" will bring you to the real Siberian village of ÕIX-XX centuries. A lot of people go here attracted by ancient Siberian traditions, which are fully preserved in this place. A visit to a real tavern will bring everybody another surprise, you can see handicrafts and go to the shop of a merchant . Here you will be served a cup of tea and traditional dishes in real Siberian izba. During this day the group will also get acquainted with another Siberian village.

The name of the place is Tanzybei. The group will visit a local family; taste home cooked cookies and beverages, fruit and vegetables from the garden. After a lunch in Tanzybei the group continues its way towards Tuva (430 km) across the West Sayan mountains. You will see the host of this territory - Sleeping Sayan warrior if you look attentively at the contours of the mountain. The legend says that one day the khakasian warrior Sayan fell asleep here. He can be seen now lying on the back with folded arms.

There is a stop on the border of Krasnoyarsk Territory and Tuva, during which the group will see impressive landscapes of Tuva republic. Tuva will amaze you with a great variety of sceneries and cultures.

The first place to visit in Tuva is a place of archaeological dig of the famous burial mound "Arjaan II". A lot of splendid golden jewellery was found here under layers of ground.

In the evening the group arrives to the yurt complex "Bij-Khem", built specially for tourists including all modern facilities for a city dweller. In this complex you will definitely feel a real nomad, living in a felt yurt with wooden furniture. After a lunch the group will enjoy the performance of the traditional throat singing - "khoomei". An unfamiliar listener will hardly believe that these sounds are made by a man, not a musical instrument.

* Accommodation in the yurts' complex "Biy-Khem", breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Day 4

The centre of Asia. Kamlanie of the shamans

The place of this day is Kyzyl, the capital of Tuva. This city is situated in the place where Biy-Khem (the Big Yenisey) and Ka-Khem (the Small Yenisey) unite their waters and give a life to the great river Yenisei.

The first sightseeing to visit here is the Geographical Centre of Asia. The monument is made in the form of a globe. The next place on the way is the Buddhist temple where the tourists will hear the sermon of a real lama. The philosophy of Buddhism exists in harmony with shaman beliefs here. During the excursion the group will be offered to visit a Shaman clinic, where they will get interesting information about shaman's traditions, rituals and possibilities.

After the lunch there will be a visit to the Regional Museum of Tuva (exhibition "Scythian gold") and see unique archaeological finds of different epochs**.

In the evening the guests will be served traditional Tuva dishes in the yurts' complex "Biy-Khem. Usually they include meat and dairy products.

After having tasted delicious national cuisine the guests will be fascinated by a marvellous performance - kamlaniye of the shamans. This impressive ritual will stay in your memory forever.

* Accommodation in the yurts' complex "Biy-Khem". Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

** Extra charge.

Day 5

Following the path of nomads

This day is devoted to the crossing of Tuva from the East to the West, following the road of the ancient nomads and reaching Khakassiya. The travellers will stop to have a look at Khayirakan mountain. This place is considered to be energetically powerful. The majority of shamans come here every year to strengthen their spirit.

Many of the tuvinian people are still nomads. The group will meet a family of real nomads (if possible). The nomads' way of life today has little difference with their life a hundred years ago. Traditionally a yurt, where they live is divided into two halves - a man's half and a woman's half. Guests are received in a special place.

The tourists will have lunch under the "Seven Sisters" - seven old larch trees, growing from one root.

Khakasia begins after the Sayan pass, at a height of 2206 metres. The mountains here are covered with fabulous cedar taiga. The tourists will spend the next two days in the taiga camp "Snow Leopard" built on the bank of the river Stoktysh.

* Accommodation in the taiga camp "Snow Leopard". Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Day 6

Sayan taiga

During this day there is no any special program, so you can devote it to walking or horse riding** around taiga. In July and August you can gather gifts of the forest - berries and mushrooms which you don't even need to look for - they are just under your feet.

There is banya and phytosauna** built on the territory of the camp, so we offer you to indulge yourself in a healthy steam of Siberian herbs. After the banya you can jump in a cold water of the river. This old Russian tradition not only requires a great deal of courage from you, but also positively influences your health.

Time after the lunch is spent at the fireplace. Cedar taiga, fire, star-spangled sky and silence will make you forget about rush of the cities. All this will make you feel a part of wild nature.

*Accommodation in the taiga camp "Snow Leopard". Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

** Extra pay

Day 7

The valley of delight

In the morning the group leaves "Snow Leopard" and taiga.

On the way there is a stop at a khakasian monument Khurtuyakh tas. This stone is considered to be magical. Local women bring gifts there if they wish to have a baby.

The group will arrive to the Kyug valley by midday (in Khakasian it means "delight"). The valley is situated 137 km far from Abakan. The yurt complex stays on the bank of the river Askiz, between the mountains of Sayan and Altay. The territory of the National Khaksia nature reserve is situated nearby the complex. Every yurt has everything for a comfortable rest. The history of Khakasia is very reach and has plenty of memorable dates.

The excursion to the National museum of Khakassia "Kazanovka" will let you know more about the inheritance of ancient civilizations. This museum is situated under the open sky and includes mountains, canyons, caves, mixed forest, rare plants. In "Kazanovka" the tourists will have a chance to see rock paintings which are 3000-5000 years old. Archaeologists make copies of these paintings on paper for further studying and you can take these copies with you as souvenirs.

After the dinner the tourists are offered to watch a performance of Khakasian National Ensemble. Those who want can spend time in banya**.

*Accommodation in the yurt complex "Kyug". Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

** Extra pay

Day 8

The history of Khakassiya

Departure from the complex and in a couple of hours arrival in Abakan, the capital of Khakassia. A visit to the Republican Regional Museum, where unique collection of stone statues is kept. Some of them are considered to be still powerful. Lunch.

After that the group will visit the Valley of Kings. There are 30 burial hills in this valley that date back to III-IV century B.C. The largest hill is named The Big Salbyk hill. The hill's circumference is 500 m, its height is more than 11 meters. The total weight of vertical stones is approximately 60 tons. Many think that this is a place where shamans enrich their power.

Departure to Krasnoyarsk, train ¹ 124 (tickets - extra charge)

*Accommodation in train. Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Day 9

Departure. Arrival in Krasnoyarsk.

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