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Group Novosibirsk builders started to build in the mountains of the Altai Republic Chemal region via ferrata - a site equipped for lifting people poorly prepared.

Expert advice for tourist and recreational special economic zones (SEZ) in the Ministry of Economic Development has approved four projects for new investors in the SEZ "Turquoise Katun" (Altai Territory), the ministry said.


Intend to implement the project of "Ekstrimpark", "Caro Tour", "Red Stone" and "Region Tour" with a total investment of $ 659.1 million rubles. The first one is going to invest 244.1 million rubles in the construction of summer and year-round water park and amusement park. The second company announced plans to create a hostel with 56 seats with an investment of 204.2 million rubles.


Tuesday, 02 June 2015 03:00

May Hill in the snow

Photos from the competition of the Festival of motorcyclists travelers "May Hill." Sheregesh, Green Mountain, 30 May 2015.

Dairy House is a spacious pavilion with transparent glass based Karaguzhinskogo creamery.


"Through the glass gallery visitors can observe all stages of the production of cheese and butter. This project is created on the regional budget for the promotion of healthy foods Altai", - said in a statement.


March 18 traveler Anatoly Kulikov returned to Novosibirsk after a folding catamaran expedition to the Pacific Ocean from Peru to Easter Island.


Anatoly Kulikov told a press conference on March 19, he was accompanied by four non-professional traveler - the representatives of SC "tion" financed journey. Assessment Anatoly Kulikov, a trip to Easter Island in the traditional way can cost a tourist in 4 th. US., And extreme worth significantly more expensive.

We remind you that this year will be held once three festival "Warmer". Choose a date that is closer to you and priezhay in Sheregesh. Waiting for you!

3 - April 5, (Opening fesivalya)

Lots of skiing and music! April 3-5 Opening Ceremony. A large area Sheregesh, guests DJs from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, with the whole of Siberia. Traditional race and competition in carnival costumes for skiing and snowboarding. Suitcase of money for the best carnival costume.

Signboards Kuzbass travel agencies may appear "stars". On October 5, "Tomsk pisanitsa" held a public council, the main theme of which will be the introduction of a voluntary classification of tourist agencies. The initiator of the discussion serves a self-regulatory organization of tour operators and travel agencies "KuzbassTurIndustriya." The joint work of the regional authorities and the tourism community can become a project of the regional law providing gradation travel agencies Kuzbass by stars. 

Wednesday, 03 September 2014 04:34

In the Altai Mountains plane

Over the next two years, the government of the Altai Republic are planning to establish air service to remote areas of the region - Ust-Koksinskaya and Kosh-Agach. 

We are carrying out design work on the reconstruction of the runways, and the first test flight is likely to be made in the Kosh-Agach as early as next week, said Acting Head of the Republic Alexander Berdnikov. To transport passengers plan class aircraft L-410, with a capacity of 20 people. 

On August 22, in the Irkutsk region on the banks of the Small Sea Art Festival kicks off "Baikal Live-2014." 


Traditionally, this event gathers a large number of connoisseurs of ethnic, jazz and rock music, and art song. Among the performers, as local musicians and guests from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities, a total of more than two dozen performers and groups. Among other planned presentation by Olga Arefieva and group "The Ark". 



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